Gmail History & How to create a Gmail Account?

The USA, France & United Kingdom played a vital role in the development of the Internet. Back in the 1950s, the Internet was invented as in ARPANET, and later on, it was named as the Internet. The Internet uses computer networks and provides a lot of information and anything we want. All web services are working primarily on the Internet. Gmail is same as other email services like hotmail, yahoo, and Aol mail.

Email or Electronic mail is the method of sending or receiving emails or messages through electric mediums. Everyone can access these services by just having a valid Internet connection. The Internet has changed the whole scenario of the Modern world by providing online services. Gmail is one of the free web services through which you can send and receive emails by just a click.

In this article, we will discuss Gmail history, its features, and how to create a Gmail Account? We will try to cover all this information in this article so stay right with us.

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What is Gmail?

Gmail is one of the best online services that allows you to send or receive emails to anyone in just a second. Gmail is purely owned by Google and all the rights are reserved by Google itself. Recently Google has launched its Gmail Mobile Application so that its mobile users can easily access Gmail services. 

Gmail History

Back on April 1st, 2004 Google launched Gmail on trial bases and this testing period ended on July 7, 2009. Gmail is a Google product and allows you to send and receive emails to anyone free of cost. Currently, there are approximately 1.5 Billion users of Gmail and back in 2016, a survey shows more than 1 Billion active users of Gmail. 

This makes Gmail one the best and largest email web services that allow you to connect to the world free of cost. Google also has launched the Gmail Mobile App which came pre-installed on Android phones.

Also here you can create  Account.

Key Features of Gmail

The following are some amazing key features of Gmail which you can enjoy after using Gmail Account.

● Security 

● Notification for each email

● Edit and Share

● Web browsing 

● Large storage availability

● Quick filter

● Auto-detection of malware

How to create a Gmail Account?

To create a Gmail account you have to follow the following steps.

  1. Search for or simply open it from chrome.
  2. Go to the signup page and enter the signup option.
  3. Enter your first name and then your last name and click on next.
  4. Provide all necessary information like password, date of birth, email suggestion, and security questions if asked.
  5. Click on next and then enter the verification code.
  6. Now you can set up the back up for your account or simply skip it.
  7. Now your account is created and you can use your account by entering email and password on the Sign-in page.

If you have any query then you can visit and click on the Help option to get all the latest information regarding Sign up options or you can also visit this link to get a better understanding in the video tutorial.